Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Stash

I was inspired to take this photo thanks to my friend Pat Sloan. She very kindly sent me a picture of hers (yarn-in-a-tote-sized). I realized that I didn't really have a good idea of where the stash got its start. I also realized that the end is not in sight. I seem to collect yarn (and fabric) much more often and more quickly than I ever finish anything. So that stash is going to grow. And the stack o'books...projects just waiting for my attention. I definitely need to start dumping unneeded furniture to make room. What do I really need that spare bed for anyway?

Oh...and this doesn't include my works in progress...the "expensive" Berrocco Peruvia for the brown sweater and the inexpensive Red Heart for the first afghan. And, well, it doesn't include the yarn I have not yet rediscovered from the hole I stashed it in directly after purchase. There is more here. I feel it.


pat sloan said...

I've been outed!! I'm surprised you didn't show my little bag-o-yarn...hehe!!! And I see you failed to tell them about the entire YARN STORE in your OFFICE... mmmm...

pat sloan

Regina said...

My advice -go vertical!!! That's what library ladders and step stools were made for!