Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Diets Don't Work around This Place

OK, so another potluck today. That's entirely too close to the last time I was required to cook. This time, Mrs. Smith and I pulled something together last night. Pies were popular too. And it looks like I'm facing cooking something for Friday, Saturday, and at least 3 dishes for Thanksgiving. That should totally exhaust my repertoire. I may need to start hoarding recipes. But today, I had apple pie and donuts from our show and tell this morning. I took those donuts before skinny girls could get their hands on them.
Mundane Jane told me they would be sweeter because of that.
She was right.

Oh and the little pyramid favor contains chocolate. I'm treating it like the fire hose behind glass and I'm going to break it only in the case of emergency. I expect it to last roughly 4.5 seconds tomorrow. If I'd been at my desk for any minute length of time today, that chocolate would already be history.

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