Friday, November 09, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

So while I was wading through e-mails after I got home from the show, I found this e-mail from Mundane Jane. She discovered this excellent opportunity for us to bond through blogging. We'll just join the whole "blog every day in November" thing over at Being the total joiner that I am, I say, "Sure! I was totally looking for something else to do." All it takes is an invitation with me and I'm totally there. Well, that and she's a lot better at this whole "building of the blog" thing. Now I read that I was supposed to have better judgement than that. She really doesn't know me that well, huh? I have all kinds of bad judgement, especially when it comes to how I spend my time. So I say that to say this...I'll be posting every day in November.

Now MJ was concerned about the quality of her posts suffering. She's a writer that way. Me, no worries. The quaility of my posts is somewhat unpredictable anyway. What's adding 2 more every week going to do to change that?
And as this is a total bonus because I already had a post for today, I'm going to throw in a free cat picture. You really can't beat a deal like that, right?
I think I'm going to have sign made up for my own personal use at work. This would serve as an excellent warning.

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