Friday, November 30, 2007

OK, I can't stand it

I vowed to finish off National Blog Posting Month strong by avoiding yet another dog-related post. But, really...when you see this face, is it really my fault that I do indeed have to finish off with another dog-related post? So, I'll update on my grizzly-bear/brown fuzzy sweater-in-the-making next week. I plan to aggressively attack the picking up of stitches this weekend, pressing onward from the lumpy joining that I've already perpetrated on said sweater. We'll see how it goes.

I think I might also cook. And we all know hilarity will ensue from there.

So this is the puppy that showed up at work yesterday. Can you believe how amazingly cute this dog is? In my mind, I was measuring him against my dog door at home to see how well he'd fit while I got to baby-sit. Darcy totally needs a little brother to boss around. When I saw these pictures today, I couldn't believe I'd let someone else take him home. Dang.
We named him Captain Jack (aww, because of the wittle patch over his wittle eye!).

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