Monday, November 19, 2007

Pie Piece Pursuit

So I admit to being a total trivia fan. I have trouble with house keys and passwords but can sometimes pull trivia up from the dark recessess of my brain to win a small piece of pie. Over the weekend, I had a chance to play some Totally 80's Trivial Pursuit with a large group of like minded and like aged people. Unfortunately, we must have not been fully cooked at that time. Any time a headline question came up, you could hear a loud silence. Speaker of the house after Brady was injured? No guesses. Maybe you need to be an adult type to do well, so I should probably head on over to the 90s version. I think the only questions I came up with were Frances Houseman's nickname, Berlin's famous song from Top Gun, and a good solid guess about the first gum with Nutrasweet. Of course, it didn't help that my team kept heading for the green spaces. That's a sports question. I don't know any sports answers. I'll be quiet and sit over here until a movie question comes back around. The reason my team kept heading for the green spaces: high dude count. Now I completely understand the key to a successful party: high dude ratio. When I got there, only one other girl...4 guys. By the end of the evening...5 girls, 10 guys. And in the Trivial Pursuit room...2 girls, 7 guys. Even I get attention with odds like this. And the dudes on my team...they know their sports. Enough to win the game. I've never been to a party like this one before (see yesterday's post for more info). I definitely think there should be more like this one.

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