Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Power of the Invitation

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but all it really takes to get me do something is an invitation. Most of the time. If I'm being difficult, it might take a "All the cool kids are doing it" or "Time is running out, join now." And before you ask, yes, if all the cool kids jumped off a bridge, I'd probably jump too. I'd at least investigate, believing that they know more than I do about these things and perhaps I should give it a try. So, there's a deep dark secret for Tuesday: peer pressure totally works on me.

So when someone tells me about Ravelry, an online community for knitters where you have to get on a list and be invited to join right now, I'm so there. And now I'm in. And I'm contributing about as much as I always do to these things, which is to say...not much. I have one project posted and no time to really work on organizing myself. I think I may have to work on this "going forward" (popular Leisure Arts phrase). Still, it's cool to see what others are up to. And I was invited to join the Arkansas Knit Chicks. So of course I did. I can measure myself against others to see how far my stash needs to grow.

This is better than Facebook where I have only a few friends (although most are from college and it's nice to see where they turned up...all married and happy and stuff). Mundane Jane lured me there with an invitation. She must be one of the cool kids.

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