Friday, November 23, 2007

A quick stocking

Yesterday after the Thanksgiving dinner, I decided I needed to do something fun. So I set up my sewing machine (yes, it's set up again so maybe I can actually use it) and started cutting up (some of) the fabric I bought at Quilt Festival. I decided to create a stocking to hang up in my department. I was warned that I better get one up quickly. And I can never do things the easy way, so instead of using one of the stockings I already have, I decided I needed one to show what I do. A little anyway. That stocking would be covered with meeting notes and Diet Coke cans if it really reflected the real me and what I do. Still, I cut and sewed the stocking (although now it looks like the heel needs to be trimmed. Oh, well, more room for stuff, right?) and then I knit the edging to attach. I had big plans to actually do some applique to liven things up a bit. I scrapped those plans about midnight. This works. I sewed, I knitted, I beat the deadline, and my sewing/spare room works although I'd really like more room. Now, I just have to get all the Christmas decorations out of that room...


pat said...

It just needs a LOAD of buttons.. fast fast.. you can hot glue them on... hehe!!!

And what's with the pot holder girlie??? That looks like what I'd do.. but I'd ALSO burn my arm in the process.. LOL!

pat s

Regina said...

Love the stocking - I made some for DH and I when we first got married - and realized they are HUGE!!! I made up my own pattern, and got a bit carried away. Of course my son now has one just as big.

of course mine don't have hand knit trim -that is so cool!

here's hoping it gets filled with MORE supplies!!! (maybe some hand made, fire proof pot holders?!)