Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

As I started working on my now 1 dessert and 1 side (why work up that extra dessert? Those people should just expand their horizons a bit.) I was really feeling pretty good. As always, I was multitasking...heating up dinner, melting butter for the dessert and peeling apples. I was listening to the radio and jammin' to "Girl Next Door" when I sniffed a slight burning sensation. I thought the butter was burning. Turns was a pot holder. And it wasn't singed. It was on fire.

This is why I should not cook. I was peeling away, congratulating myself on maintaining the safety of all my digits (fingers and toes) with the proper usage of a paring knife. Unfortunately, I totally missed that pot holder on top of the burning element under the butter. And I nearly caught the house on fire. OK, maybe it wasn't quite that bad. I yanked it off the burner and threw it in a pan to put itself out. It did. And I felt pretty good. The windows were open because I was listening for sirens (70 degrees to winter again in one day). No possible way for the smoke to cause any problems. Until every smoke detector in the house went off. For a while. Thank goodness I changed the batteries, right?

I can't make this stuff up.

What really worries me is that if I were 84 instead of 34 doing this stuff...locking myself out, forgetting passwords and other important stuff, setting fire to the house...the state society for the protection of indigent spinsters would lock me away for my own safety and the protection of innocent pot holders everywhere. But I'm only 34 and I remain on the loose. Wonder what I'll do next?

Until we find out what happens next, let's all just have a Happy Thanksgiving, OK?


Jenn L said...

Laughing in sympathy - I managed to melt my telephone cord one year. Never did figure out how the cord ended up on the burner...

And truly, if a hotmitt is the only fatality of the day, it's a success!!

Jane who? said...

Cheer up. In fifteen short years, you'll be as well-organized and accomplished as I.

Maybe they will let us have a room together.