Saturday, November 17, 2007

Things that go "Beep" in the night

There are beeps and then there are beeps, right? My alarm clock beeps. I have no trouble sleeping through that. When the battery dies in one of the many smoke detectors in my house, I can't sleep through that. This is a picture of what happens when those detectors start it late at night. I can't mess with fixing that. I'll only haul over the chair and rip it from the wall if I have to. If it would only have a pattern, I might be able to drift back to sleep when my heart rate slows again. Once I'm sure it's not really a fire or the neighbor's house alarm, I should just lay my head back down and...
what was I saying? Oh, yeah. I should really be able to sleep through that beep. Most of the time, I can sleep if you just lean me against the wall. I might be asleep now.

I might be asleep now because I replaced the battery in my smoke detector. And I can almost hear again after the extreme racket of all the smoke detectors in my house going off at once. At the same time but with a somewhat different shrieking pattern. Until I want to clap my hands over my ears and run from the house. At least I know they work.

Is this why the friendly fire fighters put up those helpful signs to change the batteries? They know the dangers of a half-asleep unmechanical angry person climbing a chair at midnight while clapping her hands over her ears and ripping things with electrical wiring from the walls? It's a wonder I didn't meet them in person last night.

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