Friday, November 16, 2007

Highways and byways

I was thinking as I drove home last night about coming up with a blog post. If you've never done this, well, in my head one thing just leads to another. Mundane Jane wrote earlier this week about driving home the back roads and enjoying the fall color. I also live in a place where I have at least 2 choices to get home.
A. I can blast out of here just as I quick as I hear the starter pistol go off, hit the interstate full speed ahead, weave in and out of traffic and generally do my best to win the race against my fellow commuters. Of course, they don't know we're racing. It's sad for them, but it's easier for me to win if they don't know we're racing. And just as soon as I hit the end of I430, the interstate becomes a snail-paced procession. And my blood pressure starts to rise.
This is my normal method of getting home.
2. I can also take the back way home...twists and curves, barns and livestock, and generally deserted road. I don't meander on this road either and it's a nice challenge. I look at this one more like an obstacle course. Unless I'm doing it in the dark. Like last night. Or there's someone in front of me. I don't like it when there's someone in front of me. That one lane really should be my one lane. Anyway, as I was driving home...not seeing much when there was oncoming traffic but keeping my eyes peeled when I was all alone, I started thinking about this blog post.

The thing about driving in the country at night is the constant vigilance required to protect the small animals that might exercise the extremely poor judgement to try to cross the road at the same time that I am using my one lane. I have been known to stand my car on its nose (not really but close) to keep from hitting a possum. As I was thinking about that and the possibilities of this road, for some reason, I could totally picture myself as having a Bo Duke moment. There probably is a barn I'd end up driving through somewhere to save the life of the dumb possum.

What can I say? I save the deep thoughts for the drive home.

And, if you'd really like to worry about the state of the world, do a Google search involving the words "General Lee image." There are more than you'd think. I really wanted eyes shining in the dark. The General Lee was way easier to get. Go figure.

And also, don't dare me to post for 30 days straight, 'cuz I'll totally just tell you the thoughts that occur to me on the way home. My mind is a scary place.

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