Monday, December 31, 2007

The closest I'll get to the Times Square Ball...

So, I'm slowly working my way back around to blogging. I've been doing everything at snail's pace since I'm on vacation and all, so it may take me a while to make my brain think of better blog fodder.

Where this post comes from...
I heard on the radio this afternoon that the Time's Square Ball is going "green" this year. It will take as much as energy as 10 toasters. 10 toasters! So then I thought "It would be pretty cool to be in Times Square once on New Year's Eve." And then I thought about seeing the ball at the Waterford factory in Ireland. Very quickly. You have to be ready. They tell you it's coming. Lower the wall in front of it and then raise it right back up again. Quick.

Wouldn't it be cool if I went somewhere new in 2008? So all my stories didn't start at "This one time in Ireland..."?

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