Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tree trimming

I mentioned accomplishing 4 things (out of a million) this weekend. They were:
1. Decent peanut butter fudge.
2. Washing every dish I own...either dirty to start with or a casualty of the fudge war. Can you say "Dishpan hands?"
3. Putting up the Christmas tree (and deciding that just might be enough for me for this year). It had to be this weekend as my other choice would have been some time in January which wouldn't work for what should be obvious reasons.
4. Christmas shopping light. I managed to order something for half of my writers. And draw a total blank for the other half. But I did have a flash of inspiration for a super-duper top-secret thing to make for everyone. I'll post on that next week. If I actually get it all done.

Here's a picture of the Christmas tree. Notice the balled up tree skirt? That's not my mod method of folding. That's Darcy's contribution. I went with the tried-and-true smooth skirt. She saw the opportunity to hide a food stash in the skirt. You can can see the remnants of said stash although she's done her best to cover it up, one nose push at a time. It's actually pretty cute to watch her "burying" her food in the middle of the living room floor until a) I ask a friend to babysit and know that she will be vacuuming up dog food for years or b) my tree skirt ends up in a bunch. And I know it's a waste of time to straighten it out because it's just way too nice a hiding place for dog food.

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