Friday, January 25, 2008

1000 Places to See Before You Die

The best thing about DVR is that you set it to record a show, and then it actually remembers to get that show whenever it's on. Like magic! So as I was convalescing on the couch, I went through all my DVR stock and hit all the left over Travel channel shows. My favorite is "1,000 Places to See Before You Die" where a newlywed couple, the Ullies, travel to places outlined in the book by the same name. And I watched France and Peru. And I can feel my passport burning a hole in my pocket. I really liked the Peru show the best because I've been there (and the Ullies actually ate cuy, but I memorized the word so that I'd recognize it on the menu to avoid it. Little did I know that it was served with the head on. No way would I have eaten that with the head on. Cuy=guinea pig), but Paris looked just as magical as you'd think it would be.

Between these shows, the "House Hunters International" marathon, and the words "wintry mix" in the forecast, I'm ready for a sandy beach somewhere.

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