Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dogs these days

You know how in the good ol' days, dogs had important jobs like herding, and guarding, and saving Timmy from the well? I've decided that dogs these days just have it too easy. The missing posts this week come from missing work due to illness. Serious illness. Stomach virus, lay in the bathroom floor and wish you were dead illness. I exaggerate sometimes. This is not one of those times. Enough said about that. Someone asked me about how supportive Darcy was during this time (yes, I'm the crazy dog woman with only my faithful hound to keep me company on rotten days like this) and really, unless you count staying current on her beauty sleep, I'd have to say "Not at all." She never once heard my telepathic demands for the phone, a large, cold Sprite, or a gun and a single bullet. I didn't even really care which one she brought me, but she was no help. Even if she'd had the Sprite barrel around her neck, she'd have probably slept through it all. I blame myself. I've told her for years that she's one of the pretty people.


Jane who? said...

Count yourself lucky, sister. As a creepy cat owner, I can assure you that were I to lay helpless in the bathroom floor for any period of time, I would be eaten.

There's something to be said for canine loyalty.


Regina said...

Ugh - sick is the worst. And I am with MJ - my cats would have just walked all over me - literally. They are no help at all.