Monday, January 21, 2008

31 Flavors of Summer Jobs

3 reasons for this post:
1. it's a holiday so I'm taking the easy way out (I'll have a different excuse for the easy way out tomorrow.)
2. it ties loosely into the clown story from Friday/Thursday.
3. ice cream is always a good idea.

The tying in loosely...somehow in the clown convo, either before or after that admission, I "defended" my child-friendliness by saying that every job I had while I was in school (until I worked in the pharmacy at Wal-Mart. I have nerves of steel.) required working with kids.
At 16, it was Baskin-Robbins...the lure of untold riches and free ice cream convinced me that I knew better than my mom who warned me that I would have the rest of my life to work so there was no need to start at 16. I really, really, really wish that had sounded like as good advice then as it does now.
At 17, the one, the job that solidified in my working with kids...throwing birthday parties in a toy store/ice cream parlor. All. Day. Long. Bozo-show games and a hot dog and cake at every party. All. Day. Long.
At 18, I did listen to mom that time and we spent the summer before college teen-angsting and meeting unfriendly roommates and such.
At 19, church day care.
At 20, day camp for "inner city" kids, where through the unprovoked requirement to play basketball, multiple exposures to the kid germ factory, and other dangers both real and imagined, I learned that I had no desire to teach. Ever.
At 21, Wal-Mart pharmacy where I learned 2 things: sick people aren't very nice but...sick people are still nicer than your average 12 year old.

Luckily I learned I didn't want to teach. Ever. But I didn't really put that together with changing my major to something employable, something other than English. And I ended up working with kids for the library system.
And so I say, "Thank God I know how to cross stitch." 12 years ago tomorrow, I started at Leisure Arts, working as a technical writer in the cross stitch area. And I like kids better too.

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