Friday, January 04, 2008

The brown sweater

So after the cable on my handy-dandy interchangeable needle broke, I had a battle to get all my flopping live stitches back on the needle. If you're an experienced knitter, no problem. If you're me, paralyzing panic sets in. But I did manage, I think, to recover from this accident, so that you can't even tell that it happened. I don't notice any dropped stitches, and really, at this point, the love affair is over and I just want to finish the brown sweater. And I'm close...35 rows left on the bottom and then adding the neck and sewing in the sleeves...and I'll be able to ball this up and throw it in the corner! If the weather stays the way it is long enough, this sweater could come in very handy. I'd really, really like to be done with it next week. I want to start some other project which is still perfect in my mind and full of potential...

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