Thursday, January 03, 2008

A cool breeze...

So I'm still not quite feeling my creative blogging brain yet. No matter what, tomorrow I'm going to show you how my grizzly bear/the brown sweater is going. After a horrific needle incident, I'm back on track so now I just need to take a photo. On my way to work this morning, the temperature readout on my handy "information center" in my car said 18 degrees. And I passed a car with the windows rolled that a beautiful Irish Setter could stick his/her head out the window to enjoy the cool breeze. And I smiled a little because that car is clearly being driven by a dog person. Only a dedicated dog mom or dad would do that. I couldn't tell mom or dad because that driver was seriously bundled up.

I understand. I did the same thing on New Year's day to get Darcy to the park. She likes to sniff out the window. So I have to roll it down. And take her for a walk in coolish temperatures and gale-force winds and let her bury food in the tree skirt.
My kids would be total terrors, wouldn't they?

The artwork is by Paul Bennett.

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