Friday, January 11, 2008

Looks like a duck...

Gliding along the surface but paddling like crazy underneath.

Ever had those days? Coming back from a holiday and being confonted with all this work-type stuff is like that. Trying to be all pleasant, and helpful, and such while wanting send the phone through the computer monitor...just to have time to finish the last thing just added to the "To-Do" list. I'm not sure how it seemed like a good idea to put so many trade shows and new projects and great opportunities right on top of each other, but I do appreciate it. I like to be busy.
I've personally, never had one of those days where I spin in circles, but I've heard that it happens.

Blogging suffers under those conditions, too, I hear. And thankfully, I have people here who will remind me that I'm late and missing blog posts. That helps the creativity, too. And I like to know you're out there anyway.
My world is totally peaceful and serene.

Better blogs next week. Totally. I mean it. I promise. Don't give up. Really.

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