Wednesday, February 20, 2008

787 is my guess

With a + or - error of 50. I think that's how many times I said "Little Rock, Arkansas" this weekend. In response to some form of the question "And where are you from?" Of course, this is an estimate. There's no way I could count that high unassisted. This is based on the 4 queries I got from the time the plane landed and I made it onto the hotel shuttle, with sleeping hours factored in. Mary is my witness that I did my best to blend in and the waiter at TGI Fridays had to mess with me.

I did a search for "Mason Dixon line image" and this map came up. I'm not sure what happened to Florida, but I think they count, too. I will say how glad I was to make it to Atlanta to be surrounded by my people again...people who want a Coke, not a soda or a pop. And even better, I made it with all my extremities still attached. There was a moment Sunday night, waiting for the shuttle in the blowing snow, when Mary and I huddled with a poor lady from Charleston where I thought I might lose my nose. One side was clearly frozen as I could no longer breathe out of that nostril. I did take some pictures which I will post tomorrow. You aren't going to believe what I have to say about the number of people and the line without the photo. Really.

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Regina said...

With all the New York retirees in Florida -I am not so sure that they do count???