Friday, February 08, 2008

Must-see Minneapolis

Since it looks like Minneapolis will be my exotic destination, I've been researching very important yarn shops. Quilt shops will be next on the list. Since I have faced a very scary yarn shortage in an unfamiliar city with no transportation, I like to map out my options before I go. We've gotten some suggestions but I'm always open to more. As I am leaving on a jet plane and miraculously taking a DIRECT flight, I'll be there in plenty of time to shop at the Mall of America...and then I'll be looking for other things to spend money on. Clothes shopping never takes me long. Anybody got any ideas? As I have no wheels, I have to stay close to Bloomington/Mall of America...

Plan B is to hole up in the hotel room with my transported yarn stash until my presence is required. Plan B is also very attractive.
Oh, and because the weather watch starts now, here are the forecasts:


Little Rock:

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