Monday, February 11, 2008

Really? Monday already?

So as Mundane Jane and I have discussed, blogging is so much more interesting when exciting/funny/interesting things happen to you...or someone that you know that you may "borrow" from. Everyone reading this cross your fingers and hope that something similar happens to me soon. I have high hopes because...
1. I am getting ready to travel. I will end up locked out, late, or lost in some manner. Probably.
2. I will soon be surrounded by people. Many many people. People do interesting things all the time.
3. I will be sort of speaking publicly to those people. Who knows what I'll say?

This weekend was quiet. Before I travel, people generally start asking me a week in advance if I'm packed. And, come on, we all know I'm not. I don't pack until the night before (unless I optimistically think that I'll get up very early to pack before my flight, oversleep, and have to cram everything I can find into a suitcase. I learned a valuable lesson.) I am not already packed because I first have to clean. I did that this weekend. OK, I started it. And as long as visitors remain confined to the 3 presentable rooms, I'm in good shape. Mary brought her husband over this weekend to fix my siding (turns out masking tape is not a permanent solution.) and some of my family came over. And they all stayed in posted areas. Thank goodness.

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