Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Sweater Offa my Back...

Literally! The brown sweater/grizzly bear sweater is D-O-N-E. All buttons on, seamed up, and I wore it to work today. Because of my last minute decision to do so, I do not feel camera ready so I'm posting a photo of the sweater posed thoughtfully in my new fluffed office. That's either creative photography or just me exercising my blogger's perogative. Still it feels good to be finished and for the first time this week, I'm actually not wearing my coat while sitting at my desk. Perhaps there's room in my life for wool after all.

Meanwhile, I'm in hat production mode. I'm finishing up #5 which means I'm back on schedule for my one-a-month quota. I'm thinking about taking hat makin's on the plane to Minneapolis.
Current weather report:

And an update on things I'd rather not be called...
Pat tells me that "sweetie" is commonly used up North for "old" people. On the off chance that the speaker is from the North, I'm banning "sweetie" as well. Yesterday at lunch, the server said "Would you like some more tea, honey?" At least, I think that's what he said. His accent, while charming in its own way, made it harder to tell. I asked my friends for confirmation and that's what they heard too. Anybody want to tell me where "honey" is short-hand for old people? My guess is Mexico based on his accent. I think I can take it.


Regina said...

OOhh - I like that sweater! Might just take up knitting if I can make myself one of those.

The office is looking cozier, too!!!

Jane who? said...

And I SAW this sweater today! I had no idea that it was the infamous brown sweater.