Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you just "Ma'am" me?

Last night on the way home, way past the time I should be eating my dinner, I pulled through the neighborhood McDonald's for a chee-burger and a monstrous Diet Coke. Sometimes that's all that is acceptable, that Diet Coke. Anyway...I try to be friendly. Period. Maybe it's a girl thing, maybe it's a southern thing, maybe it's just good manners, but I've worked retail before, so I smile, I say "Please" and "Thank you" and I try to get along. Even when it's been a really long day. Even when the service makes a mockery of the "fast food" concept. I pretend that everything is hunky-dory. Really, even if it isn't, what can the dude at the cash window do about it? No need for him to suffer my day, too. I finally make it to the window and smile up at the large, pierced, tattooed man taking money. This seems like a better plan than the 12-year-old girl that I normally see, but that's not the point. The conversation goes something like this...

Me: watching him come to the window, I reach out with my money and smile (even in the face of the tattoos and rings. He's just a person, right?)
Him: Well, you're just all smiles tonight, aren't you?
Me: thinking furiously, what do I say to that? Thinking of my long day and how I would much rather have had this conversation about 3 hours earlier, I say...
Well. I guess I have to keep smiling no matter how late it is.
Him: Looks at me like I'm batty because 8:15 is probably not that late to him. He looks like he might be nocturnal.
He says...something I don't remember and hands me my change. And then he says...
"Thanks, sweetie. Have a good night."

Sweetie. I can't decide how that makes me feel.
But I think I might prefer it to "ma'am".

(And to my friends, this isn't him. This is a semi-famous tattooed person pretending to be an actor acting as a fast-food worker)

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Jane who? said...

Recent exchange at the drive-through window:

Oh! Hi! I called in an order? For Uptown?

Yeah. About that. The girl who took your call forgot that we're still serving breakfast.


Ya can't get anything off the grill until after 12.


Your burger's not going to happen.


You can order a sandwich, though. If ya want.