Friday, February 29, 2008

When Office Furniture Attacks

Yesterday was sort of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for a whole list of reasons that are not needed here. But right in the middle of it, something exciting happened. In my new office, I have much space. Lots of echoing space. And a collection of file cabinets...2 drawer types, 4 drawer types, and lateral file types. All black. I count 7 total. One of them is special. Was special.
I believe I inherited it. And it was haunted. Every once in a while, the top drawer would slo-o-wly open and hang there, exposing my files to the world.

I think something about my new echoing space upset the spirit in the lateral file because that drawer opened mysteriously more in the new space than it ever did in the old one. Yesterday the action turned violent. It began with a slow open and ended with a crash on the floor. None of the files jumped drawer, but getting the drawer shoved back in was impossible. I gave up. I called for removal to the place old office furniture goes to die. Luckily, the spirit has lots of other places to choose from if it's looking for a new cabinet. I better make sure all my drawers are company-ready.

And just because this has taken so long to get posted, I thought I'd also show the swag bag from Mall of America. It's good to be a volunteer there. Don't you wish more people paid in yarn (or fabric)?

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Anonymous said...

I have furniture ghosts too. The building management is trying to convince me that the floors are uneven and that we need to shim the cabinets. Yeah, right... at least none of mine have revolted yet.