Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coming Soon: March

I was doing some reserach on National Crochet Month (next month, yay!) when I pulled up a site with all these March holidays. I'm thinking about trying a post every day for a month again. I don't really know why. Maybe I'm ready to celebrate something. Maybe spring fever is provoking it. While I'm not doing anything foolish (like saying I'm actually absolutely, positively going to post every day), I'm thinking I'll try posting almost-daily. Here's why:

March is
Women's History Month
National Crochet Month
National Craft Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Noodle Month

And I know something about most of those things. I'm hoping that helps. I probably will do less to celebrate National Nutrition Month (I'm more of a frozen food and noodles kinda girl). There are also several important occasions (like Dr. Seuss' birthday) to celebrate. Really, March is going to be big. Stick around and see what happens. Crochet lessons start next week.

And tomorrow, Leap Day, is going to be a big prop sale around here. Maybe I'll get some photos.

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