Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look what I can do!

In honor of National Crochet Month, I started learning (again) how to crochet with the help of Mary. We started at lunch on Tuesday..."we" is Mary, Jean, Lora, and I. I was lured by the promise of faster hats, but I didn't want to jump into the hat project that everyone else started on (it's an intermediate project! I'm only a newbie). Dishcloths worked so well for me with the learning-to-knit thing that I started one of those from the "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting" book. All I have to master is a half double crochet and a single crochet. Well, that and figuring out where to put my hook and what makes up a stitch that I should work into. Minor things, really. So here's the progression:
1. All possibility...nothing but yarn and a hook.
2. End of lunch, Day 1
3. Beginning of Day 3. I was planning to finish up the rows and get Mary to introduce me to the single crochet, but the snow potential may change our plans a bit.

I read this snow day theory sometime this week on Betz White's blog. Her son came home with directions on how to ensure a snow day. And it worked. I'm ready to try it. Anybody else? Anywhere from 4" to 12" predicted. Just remember that when you perform this ceremony, we need it all to be on the ground prior to 6 a.m. please.

1. Flush an ice cube down the toilet.
2. Do a snow dance (lessons at lunch time, conference room, second floor).
3. Turn your pj's inside out.
4. Celebrate with Tom and Jerry cartoons the next day while wearing jammies from step 3.

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