Friday, March 14, 2008

Sneak Peek: Brand New Sewing Pattern Downloads

As I am a person who knows talent when I see it, I have to take a minute to tell you about how talented the Quilt writers are here at Leisure Arts. In fact, I happen to also know how talented all the writers are, but great design isn't something that they get to do every day. Technical expertise is what they are all here for. And then some of them are creative designers on top of that. I shake my head in wonder sometimes as I am a dedicated pattern-follower, not a blazer of trails. Still, there may be something in the air around here that I occasionally have this idea that I can be a designer too. And really, that has nothing to do with this...a sneak peek (well, really not so sneak as these patterns are now available for purchase over at the Leisure Arts Library. Click on Mary Engelbreit. Go, look, buy. You're going to want to.

What we have here is 12 brand new patterns featuring the new line of Mary Engelbreit Friends and Flowers fabric from Moda and the original designs of my "original" quilt writers, Jean, Lisa, and Frances. And they are impressive and would be stinkin' cute even if you don't have the Mary Engelbreit fabric. Like, you could make one in another fabric while you were waiting for the Mary Engelbreit fabric and still love them both. I'm feeling the need for one of these aprons (which may be my salute to International Quilt Day tomorrow). That's the power of these designs...I don't even cook and I know I need a Petals apron. Click on the link above to see all 12 of them.


Amanda said...

The patterns are adorable. I love the ME fabric.

Pat Sloan sent me over here. I am doing the sew-along with her and the group!

Enjoy National Quilting Day!


Niki said...

The bibs are adorable. Saying HI from pat sloan's blog :)

BatikPhoenix said...

Oh boy!! Baby bibs & bunny rabbits! Just perfect for our two month old granddaughter!!!

I'm so glas Pat (Sloan) told us to come over & check out your blog!! Going right now to check out the patterns.


Lisa in Louisiana