Sunday, March 16, 2008

National Quilt Day

So I did manage to do some (a very little) cutting and sewing of fabric this weekend and it was nice. My machine and I spoke nicely to each other. I decided not to make the apron because I was afraid I would be forced to cook something. I still covet the Petals apron. And I'm still considering my Amy Butler stash as a match for the apron. Instead, I made a crochet hook roll because it is quick and easy. I still got to cut and sew and I'm finished. And I have a home for all of my 3 hooks. I should probably have done something to organize my knitting needles but that seems like a massive job. And I got to use the Joel Dewberry fat quarters that I had to have at Quilt Festival. I couldn't really justify going to Paducah for the quilt show without using some of the stuff I bought at Festival. And now I have. See how that works???

I also went to the first baseball tournament of the season (where we huddled under quilts as the spring-ish temperatures disappeared). Saturday was great.

And if you missed it, Sunday was "Everything You Do is Right" day. To celebrate, I took a nap. We need more of those days.

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