Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Target Practice

In the course of blogging, some posts are the result of study, careful thought, and panicked Googling. And then there are the good posts. Those just happen. Usually because I've managed to actually leave the house. They're hard to predict, but sometimes you just know you're in the middle of something that will become blog post greatness. I mentioned yesterday the trip to Frances' house. We had a great time, a time unlike any other party I've been to. Activities included: Name That Animal Sound, Watch the Amazing Wishbone (more tomorrow), Scary Stories around the Campfire (like someone getting thrown out of the Plummerville races. Can you imagine what behavior might get you kicked out?), and Shoot the Paper Plate.

With the clarity of hindsight I realize I should have gotten a Charlie's Angels pose from the girl shootists, but I didn't so we have to stick with these:
Top photo: Dirty Mary (and her husband Gary) who may have found her sport because 1. it can be done inside and 2. you don't have to get your hands dirty.
Next two: Calamity Jean (and husband Charles) who has a signature expression when she hits her target. I'll let her tell you.
Next is the outlaw Joyce James (Sorry, Joyce, couldn't come up with a closer match than Jesse James. I happen to know that you are a law abiding citizen and no outlaw.)
And finally Frannie Oakley, hostess with the mostes'. (Sorry, Frances, I know yours isn't great either, but I had to have Dirty Mary and Calamity Jean. Just had to.)

And in the crowd, we had Lora, husbands Gary, Eddie, and David, and Wishbone the wonder dog. More on Wishbone tomorrow.

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