Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's the story, Wishbone?

I have a confession: I Heart Dogs. I know, this may not be the proper place for such a revelation, but gimme a dog and I'm happy. Dogs are better than kids for my entertainment. And really, every day in the country needs a dog. This dog is Wishbone, Frances' found puppy. And Wishbone seems to be a very good dog...keeping the bird population under control, retrieving random empty boxes and such. What's an unexpected jump now and then? In my book, that's just saying "Hi" in a friendly manner. I have a habit of threatening to steal every dog I meet and Wishbone was no different.

Well, in one way, just a little different. Wishbone likes sticks...big sticks, and brooms, performing this balancing act to get the stick perfectly placed. And Frances helps perform.

We had a good time with Wishbone. At one point during target practice, I was intent on the walking forward, keeping one eye trained on the guns and the other trained on not killing myself in a hole/berm/grassy hillock/daffodil pile. Wishbone picked that moment to do a little jump/nuzzle of my knee, and I thought it was the big one, I thought I was shot. It's a pretty good trick...after your heart stops racing.

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