Monday, March 10, 2008

Unsupervised crochet

This happens to me quite often. This weekend I crocheted unsupervised after a single lesson because I am too impatient to wait on the proper timing. The snow day threw a kink in my plan to have supervision. On Thursday night, I finished what I had learned to do on the dishcloth. That left the edging. I didn't know how to do that, but I's a dishcloth, what the bad can it be? Of course, then I needed something new.

And everyone else started on the hat. The intermediate hat. I heard them talk about it, but it had all kinds of stitches (other than the 1 I had been taught). On the bright side, it IS a Leisure Arts pattern so the ability to complete it should be mine through osmosis alone. I tried it. And did fine except for a minor little detail of not reading the pattern so well with the decreases. Still, it's a hat, and that sucker is solid. I went from being the world's loosest crocheter to tightest. Whatever child gets this hat will also get some serious head protection. The crocheted hat is the rusty one. Then there's the dishcloth. And the blue and white knit hat I finished last weekend. And Darcy ducking the camera. Again.

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