Friday, March 28, 2008

What can you do with 6 words?

There are 2 blogs that I read daily, first thing, that's how I start my day.
#1. Pat Sloan because she's my friend, she's far away so I like to know what she's up to, and she's always into something new.
#2. Mundane Jane because she's my friend, she's right here and will probably ask me if I read the latest post, and she has good blog posts to steal and/or creatively jump off of.

There are others that I read once a week. I'll talk about stealing content from them some other time.

Yesterday MJ had a post about lists and she linked to another blog. Like a fish on a string, I followed and read that blog too to read about lists, list slams, and 6-word memoirs. I had never heard of 6-word memoirs but apparently they're inspired by my favorite Hemingway story ever (I don't like Hemingway, so the shorter, the better as far as I'm concerned). His story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." And I have to admit, that's good. But then there were all the other submissions! And they were funny, or sad, or funny and 6 words! And then I talked to MJ and she said she wouldn't do the 6-word I thought "Eh, your standards are lower than hers, you might as well give it a try. You know you'll need a blog post for tomorrow anyway." Unfortunately, yesterday was not a day conducive to rolling around words in my head. So I'm a little behind, but here's what I've got so far. Some are truer than others. I'll just let you guess which ones. And all are inspired by conversations within the last 24 hours.

So much yarn, not enough time!

Fabric stash, it's a good thing.

Danger: running on Diet Coke fumes.

Hope springs eternal, thank you God.

If you can't win, don't play.

Darcy barks, I ask "How high?"

Ok, crazy people need love too.


pat sloan said...

Ohhhhhhh those are GOOD!!!!!!!!!

I read your blog daily too... it's the mutual admiration society....

now to follow Jane's links...


Jane who? said...

I wasn't going to, because they are hard, and you know how far I will go to avoid anything that smells like work.

But since you've all but issued a challenge, here are mine:

Autobiography? Already? Let's wait 30 years.

Next time, I'd like red hair.

I'm here for the open bar.

How many books, did you say?

Someone said there'd be free donuts.