Thursday, April 10, 2008


Pat Sloan sent me a link that reminded me of this. Today is a day to thank the ASPCA for all it does to protect animals. This is where the "charity quilt" idea originated...but not as a quilt. I was thinking about something I could do to benefit local shelters. You know...something that wouldn't require something rare like spare cash. As darling Darcy is a shelter dog, rescued at 8 weeks (or less) from the Pulaski County Humane Society, I have a heart for shelter dogs. They're good dogs, better than "pure" dogs in a lot of ways. Of course, Darcy is also the smartest dog ever. Really. I grew up with dogs. I know.

So, if you have spare cash, make a donation. If you love dogs, make a toy, treat, or time donation to your local shelter. Or...even better, if you have an empty back yard and a heart for dogs...take one home. I posted yesterday about the charity quilt idea. And then Mary came and said she was contemplating using up some flannel for blankets to give to the Humane Society. And now we're off....planning and plotting. We'll see how much actually gets done. Mary's the doggiest non-dog owner that I know. Maybe that's the key to success.

And Rhonda, the orange is only temporary. Sorry!

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