Monday, April 14, 2008

New friends

This is my new knit friend. He has no name yet. He mysteriously wandered in and plopped himself on my desk one day. I still haven't gotten a signed confession from the responsible party, but that's OK. I had every intention of making myself one of these (after all the instructions were written, thoroughly edited and contained all needed pictures for my successful completion), but I am certain that the mysterious donor made this in half the time and with zero frustration. So this is a much happier dog than if I'd made it. I like working with these knitters and crocheters down here. They are excellent hint picker-uppers. I did have every intention of making myself one. Someday. And he's propped up on the scarf that Jean made me that looks like a kitty in my windowsill (unless its wrapped around my neck in an attempt to calm my nerves or warm them).

And if you just love the dog (and you do), there are other critters, too. They're going to be in an upcoming book by Chris de Longpre from Knitting at Knoon. There's a free bunny pattern under "Free Downloads" at

I think I'll call him Blue. Help me. If you have a better name suggestion, leave me a comment. Please.

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