Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chain reactions

Late on the blog post...here's why...

You know how somedays it just seems like you should have stayed in bed? This morning has been that way. Actually, it may have started out last night...with the laundry.

The beginning of the chain...
1. Two loads of laundry. It had to be done because the Halloween costumes were beginning to look like viable options compared to the mismatched, misfitting, mis...well, just plain ugly options left hanging in my closet. So I did 2 loads so that I could be fully dressed for work today.
2. Dressed (and late for work), I feed and water Darcy, treat her several times, grab my breakfast and any spare change I can find, and run for the door to the garage. My laundry "room" stands between the kitchen and the garage. Opening, stepping, turning, I manage to step right in a puddle of...
3. Laundry detergent. All over the floor. The plastic bottle fell from the shelf, the cap broke...laundry detergent all over the floor...and the bottom of my pants. The pants I was going to wear to work.
4. Change clothes.
5. Mop up detergent spill. It sounds so much easier than it actually is.
6, More treats for Darcy and run back out the door. Hop in the car. Roar out of the driveway while pushing the garage door button. And the door goes half way down...and then pops back up. Push the button again. Ha-a-alf way down...and then pops back up.
7. Pull back in the drive way, muttering all the way. Run through the garage to push that button, treat Darcy and run out the front door of my house (which is still unlocked from the last time I did this on Sunday. It's Tuesday. This time, I locked the door behind me.)
8. Roar back out of the driveway, zoom down the street...and stop for the train. Waiting...waiting...waiting...GO!

And that's how it started and I remain at least 15 minutes late for everything today. I hope I'll catch up soon. On the bright side, I can't do any laundry tonight. No detergent.

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