Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baseball weekends

I spent a good portion of my weekend in the ballpark. I think that's an excellent place to spend Memorial Day weekend...except for the extreme heat and the "glowing" that I do. Usually we have to travel to see my two favorite players in tournaments in assorted towns around the state. This weekend, somehow, the town I live in managed to host a big 10 minutes from home! And it was a big one with lots of teams. There were food booths! And "professional" adult softball teams. Watching them was an experience. When they hit it over the fence, there's no need to run the bases. They stand and watch it go over, then just take the bat back to the dugout. I guess it happens enough that there's just no need for the extra exercise.

And 14-year-olds that I supported. Here's my nephew. He's pitching. He doesn't pitch. He did well, but I was glad to see him return to his normal spot at first base. That's much less stressful to me, and that's what counts, right?

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