Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Exercise will kill you

I have long been convinced of this. Exercise will kill you. And I look with suspicion on housework which is very close to exercise. I have been recently forced onto a scale. This always help to renew my hope of turning over a new leaf to a healthy lifestyle. A key component: exercise. To that end, I've renewed my relationship with the local Curves (although perky exercisers really put me on edge. I mean really, what are those people smiling about? I've been there. I don't see much to smile about.) and this weekend, Darcy and I walked all the way around Mills park, our favorite walking place. Near the end she had to keep encouraging me to go on. I wanted to stretch out on the ground and rest. For just a minute. But the dog's a slavedriver. So we did it. And it was all well and good. Until the next day.

I think I've been worthless since then. Aren't the endorphins or something supposed to kick in? I'm still waiting.

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