Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And also flossing

Exercise is no good for you. And now I have my doubts about flossing.

There I was, doing the virtuous thing, flossing before bed...and out came my filling. Long dental story short...I get to have a root canal. And the only thing that really bothers me about that is the expen$e. Well, that and the countless numbing shots that I got today to try to put in a filling. My face goes numb no problem. My gums and tooth nerves...not so much. Root canals are a blessing.

I decided today as I met my group for an anniversary lunch (with a non-responsive left side of my face...droopy lips and only one eyelid working) that there should really be the equivalent of an "I voted" sticker for dentist visit. So that when the perky hostess says, "Welcome to Carino's!" your sticker can help explain the weird smirk on your face.

Why don't we get stickers?

Maybe because "Be Nice to Me, I had 18 shots in the roof of my mouth to dull one tooth and so my entire face is numb, except for this one eyelid. I'm not really winking at you. I'm just waiting for something to move elsewhere. Am I drooling? Don't smile at me because then I'd have to smile back and the whole thing could be really strange, 'k?" is too long to fit easily on a sticker.

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