Friday, June 27, 2008

Could somebody get me one of these?

You know those laid back people who seem to take things in stride?

I'm not one of them.

I sort of live by the motto: "It's never too soon to panic."

Of course, my panic doesn't really look like hand-wringing or gnashing of teeth. It's all about a contingency plan. I just need to make a plan, to push harder, and things will work out. And I can do that, until one thing piles up on the other on top of brain short circuits and I just want to rest. I think this panic makes me a good administrator/paper pusher/deadline meeter/middle manager.

I work with a collection of types of people...some with quicker panic response times and some with laid back feathers, unruffle-able. Both types make me feel better. If I can get the one group to panic, then I'm back on steady ground with my plan. And the other group, they show me that it's not quite as big as I thought it was. It's good to be surrounded by professionals know, the ones who listen, nod, and say "No problem" or "What do you need me to do?" or, even better, "Here's what I can do to fix that." I love those people. I want to sit in a room, surrounded by those people all day long. I believe we could conquer the world together. They are on my list of favorites. Just ask me and I'll tell you who they are.

Usually, I still don't believe them.
And usually, they're right.

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