Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Don't you just love surprises? Yesterday after my bimonthly visit to have my hair all jazzed up, I got home about 6. And just the second I opened the door to the kitchen, I knew it was going to be a bad night. Instead of the pleasant temperature that I expect, I got a lovely breath of hot, humid, sticky air. Thermostat read 80 degrees when I walked in.

As I couldn't miss work today, I decided to bite the bullet and call one of the "24 hour service" companies in the phone book. They weren't available to come out until Monday. Monday! Monday? Monday! So I called the other one. On the upside, this company doesn't charge any differently to come after hours. On the downside, my air conditioner compressor died...just months after the warranty expired.

Now I get to buy a new one.

And I still can't miss work today. Luckily, my aunt will be able to meet the guy so I'm hoping that all will be well by the time I get home. So I left my house with all the windows up, fans running, and my dog in a fur coat panting. I'm worried more about that panting dog than the check I'm going to write.

And that's saying something.

Just as I was thinking about how cute the air guy is and how it could be really handy to have one around for emergencies such as this, he "Hon"-ed me. If he can get me 72 degrees instead of 86 degrees in that house, I'll love him anyway.

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