Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yoga Master

I've mentioned my Wii age already so we know just how out of touch I really I am...but my Wii age is getting better since I got Wii Fit. I'm all the way down to 36 which is really close to my actual age. I can't decide if I wish that fitness video games had been invented sooner or later.

Here's something you may not know about me: My obsessive personality does extend to games as well. This week I wondered at a blister on my thumb for a minute. Then I remembered my Mario Thumb. Until now, I managed to tell myself that an adult has no need of games and gadgets...until I convinced myself of the "health benefits" associated with this game system. And in a new development, I think I might have been right this time.

As soon as Wii Fit was available, I had to have it. The release coincided perfectly with my newfound dedication to exercise and healthy eating (which will never last so I have to strike while the iron is luke warm). And I'm having the best time! I like this way better than Curves...I get points! Apparently scoring me was the only part missing from my activity. I should have been a gymnast or a figure skater.

Every day that you log in, Wii Fit will do a body test to determine where your center of balance is, how much you weigh, your BMI, and how good your body control is (apparently, agility is not my thing. The Wii board keeps telling me that like I don't already know why I fall down, bump into things, and generally clutz around. Thanks, Wii board. That just tells me I need more balance games. No problem.) Wii also tracks your fit credits or how much time you spend every day. Somehow, it's really easy to get in 40 minutes of step, boxing, some strength or yoga, and finish off with fun balance games. It must be the points.

After I sweated through the Advanced Step class (all of 10 minutes) last night, I worked on the yoga exercises. I haven't done as much of the yoga as the aerobics (lots of points...I love it!) because it's hard to do. My Warrior is good, Downward Facing Dog is good (but I would definitely only do this WITHOUT an audience because it draws attention to all the wrong parts), but my Tree...not so hot. That's the one in the photo. My Tree the wind, lots of swaying. All that means is that I can still get more points!

My other favorite: the balance games. I like walking the tightrope and skiing downhill. And this is all done in the effort to improve my health (insert virtuous nod). Wii tells you all the benefits of improved balance, flexibility from yoga, strength, etc.

But I like the points.

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