Thursday, July 10, 2008

Darcy on Thursday

Racing in under the wire...a quick post because I'm looking for a perfect blog-posting week...
I recently managed to finagle Darcy's picture into an actual, real life publication...snuck it in as a photo to go with my "letter from the editor." I really would have preferred not to actually be IN the photo, but I can't have everything.

And yes, this is the real me. I have much better photos but to produce that, I need a stylist. This is my "after church" look.


Mary in AR said...

Love it!

Joan said...

Hi Cheryl,

You look great and Darcy does, too!

Give her a big kiss from Aunt Lazy.

My best,

Regina said...

Awww - Darcy's being published.
Can we get her "pawtograph" now???

Anonymous said...

Cheryl-This is a GREAT picture of you! Oh, and Darcy looks like she's giving you a hug. Too cute!!