Friday, July 18, 2008

The other "Sock"sy knitters. Get it?

I didn't ask for permission to post these so I'll just have to ask for forgiveness later. And then I'll just point everyone to Katie. (Thanks, Katie, for the photos. She has the same problem I usually do. If you take the photos, you aren't in them.) That's me in the brown. I allowed the photo taking because I had been styled to within an inch life? for the Knit Basics online class. I'm thinking 'bout doing a casting call for the next class. The other photo, the sock-a-long instigator Mary and Susan, attempting the impossible (not really, just a little challenging)...making 2 the same time!

I'm taking a vacation day...I'm feeling some sock progress coming along!

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SSK* said...

Shucks! You guys haven't changed a bit! I want to see weekly progress pics now.