Monday, August 18, 2008

Career High Score, with another movie ref

The highlight of this weekend was supposed to be trip to the local "dinner playhouse" to see "Guys and Dolls" but that fell through, so we went bowling instead. Pizza and bowling, that's more my style anyway. And I bowled a 97. If that's not my best score, I'm sure it will be from this point forward. I'm almost convinced that we were the oldest people actually bowling in that place, but that's OK. And then I felt even older on Saturday.

So the's not of me and my career high score. It's animated video set to one of my very favorite bowling songs from a musical..."Score Tonight" from Grease 2. Actually I don't know any other bowling songs.

YouTube sorta let me down this time...I wanted video from the movie to go with the song. But, gotta go with "Cool Rider" to get that. There's no Johnny in that. (my first and only fan letter ever written: Adrian Zmed, Johnny Nogerelli in Grease 2. What can I say? I was 9. I believe I wrote it while sitting in my Corvette/cardboard box. Today he is the spokesperson for Dogs Deserve Better (that's really all you can find if you Google him right now. Sad. Still, that's a cute dog, right?).

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