Friday, August 15, 2008

The newest new address

So this is the new place. Sorry for the photos...they're from my phone even though I brought my camera today and carefully took lovely photos of my styled space and then I...can't find the cord that's supposed to be in the bag to transfer the photos...and I'm too tired to worry about it any more. That's just about how this week has been, so I wasn't really surprised.'s the office. I'm having some trouble making wall art choices this time and I'm crammed into every possible drawer which makes me room to grow. I'm going to have to annex some additional space I think. Publishing makes lots of paper to file, ya know?

Here's my list of addresses:
1. Center wall cubicle, cross stitch, 2nd floor.
2. Center window to the atrium, break room, kit, 1st floor.
3. Large weird office with large weird window, kit, 1st floor.
4. Large cold cubicle near the door, quilt, 1st floor.
5. Small weird pie shaped office, quilt, 1st floor.
6. Converted file closet office, operations/quilt, 2nd floor.
7. Small weird pie shaped office, quilt/K&C, 1st floor.
8. Large lovely window-y office, quilt/K&C, 1st floor.
9. Weird funky pie shaped office with view of roof, quilt/craft/book/cross stitch/sewing/paint/online classes, 2nd floor.

Extrapolating from the pattern, it looks like I'll be headed back to the first floor soon.

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