Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cheryl's Facebook Friend Drive

So what I really don't need is something else to spend my spare time on, but I've recently (last night) decided that I need to increase my Facebook time. I only set up a Facebook page because of Deb/Mundane Jane. I figured she'd be my only friend. Now I have 13. Really, why would anyone need any more friends than that?

Here's the answer: last night I was finally answering emails and challenges, and started looking around for friends...and came across an acquaintance. I did not send her a Friend request, but I did spend too much time pondering how many friends she has. And I'm guessing it's more than 13.

So now I need more friends. And what has me really hooked is the flair. Regina, you were absolutely right. What I really need is more flair. I should totally be a waiter at Tchotchke's.

On Facebook, flair is a button that you pin to your cork board. You send it to unsuspecting people to get more flair points so that you can choose more buttons. And it's a mind-sucking experience to try to choose buttons. There are many. And then you can make your own (I made a Darcy button...what can I say? Once I start something, I go all the way). I want flair for my blog. I really do.

On the scale of "might give me a kidney if I needed it" to "would probably loan me a nickel", most of my best, kidney-loaning friends aren't even on Facebook. Yet. I may have to work on that if I don't have enough friends from work, school, and church. And if you're on Facebook and you don't work with me at Leisure Arts, didn't ever go to school with me, or go to church with me, let me know you're there. I'll probably send you some flair.

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