Monday, September 15, 2008

Joys of home ownership

After my post on Friday, I had another customer service moment while I waited for Mr. Electric to show up. Mr. Electric is the name of the company I called to come out and take a look at the tripped breaker that I've been dealing with for almost a month. As my house was almost clean, I seized my chance. Mr. Electric is clearly not a real person. I've been waiting for my own personal Mr. Electric to show up for years and years. Clearly, he isn't coming. But, on Friday, an electrician did. An electrician with a very mundane everyday sort of personality, but clearly the ability to solve my electrical problems which he did. Quickly. And I loved it.

Not that he was on time. They never are, but what usually happens is I wait until I'm boiling mad to call and they can't make it and I blow up and they magically find some poor kid to come and deal with me. No, Mr. Electric calls when he'll be late with a new ETA and then shows up in that window. And that makes me happy. Stuff happens. I get that. I can be reasonable. A phone call is all it takes.

Not that he could find the house. They never can. They never want directions because they think GPS will tell them. But it never does and they always say something about new subdivisions etc. Two more phone calls later and he's there. No problem for me.

I like Mr. Electric. He communicates. He may be slightly overpaid, and unelectric in person, but I like him. And as even new houses appear to be money pits, I'll keep his name around. Good communicators are hard to find.

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SSK* said...

Hmmmm... you could suggest to him that he plug his GPS into a computer and update his road maps. Just a thought... :)