Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Would you believe...

I did this exact pose this morning. No, really. At around 5:30 this morning, I looked just like this. Except, well, I'm not a dude. Or Asian. And my clothes were a little different. And my leg didn't go quite that far. And I held it not quite long enough to take a picture. And I did some hopping, swaying, wiggling, and jiggling as I did it. And there was no one with a camera around. Thank goodness.

But my Wii Fit trainer was still very impressed. I didn't get any points for this attempt. Downward Facing Dog...that one I've got nailed (and there are no photos of me doing that one either). Maybe tomorrow I'll improve my "Lord of the Dance".

I've been forcing myself to try to do 2 extra things in the morning: 1. 30 minutes (or so) of yoga 2. 30 minutes (or so) of Experiencing God Bible study. I really need the calming effects of both. What it really looks like is 1. 15 minutes in bed telling myself that I can skip yoga, it's not doing any good anyway, this hurts, that hurts, etc. 2. 25 minutes of yoga 3. 10 minutes stretched out in the floor cooling off and pondering the "whys" all over again 4. 15 minutes of Experiencing God 5. 30 minute scramble to get to work (I need to improve my time table a little. The roads would be safer.)

I did a little research to find more on the "supposed" benefits of yoga. They include increased flexibility, lubricated joints, ligaments, and tendons, detoxification, toned muscles, improved posture, more energy, better sleep, better balance, improved core strength (good for your back), and lower stress and anxiety.

Hard to tell on Day 3. I'll let you know...if I don't break my neck first.

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Mundane Jane said...

...and better oxygen exchange. Not that I would know. My downward facing dog never gets up.