Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Quilt Market: The LA booth

So I've managed to load some of my photos from Quilt Market already and this first post will show you what the LA booth looked like. The first one is kind of a "before" but really an "almost done". And the the second shows it as you'd see it if you were lucky enough to hit the quilt market looking for fabulous quilt books to buy for your shop.

I really should have done a much better job with my camera work because Susan and I were frequently in the presence of greatness, but I have no photos to show for our efforts. I did manage to snap a few photos of Pat Sloan's book signing (who is definitely greatness, but as I've ridden to lunch with her in a minivan, she's more like family than celebrity) and the quilts, but not a single celebrity or other designer shot. I was asleep on the job (and highly medicated but not always for the right things, but sniffling and sneezing doesn't really present a professional image, you know? Of course, neither do pink Nikes but that just had to be done.)

Susan and I were lucky enough to meet some exciting new designers and spent some time at an impromptu meeting withThe Crochet Dude in the middle of an aisle. Linda Lum DeBono and I conducted most of our business crammed into the seats of a full SuperShuttle van on the way to the hotel from the airport, but we're sorta used to that by now. I'm hoping that those new designers will show up in some future posts...

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