Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garvan Woodland Gardens on a Sunny Day

On Wednesday, I hurried over to Garvan Woodland Gardens because it was a beautiful sunshine, blue skies day and most of the time I make it over there, it looks like the skies will pour on me at any time. I had to seize my chance so I decided that Darcy would probably be fine for 3 hours or so, left a note on the door (the preferred method of communication at 5 Points), and drove over. The place was nearly empty so I could shoot anything I wanted to with no interfering people in the way...until my camera tells me that I filled up my memory and refuses to take any more photos. I believe I had been there around 15 minutes (I do have many swimming Darcy shots that had made it onto the card before I got there), so I had to dump what I could bear to dump and changed the size of the photos. It's a good thing that worked. That might have been enough to put the stress back into my stress-free week.

So what's going on at Garvan Woodland Gardens right now? They were preparing for the Christmas lights and it looked like they were building something for a flower show. Otherwise, peaceful and serene, quiet and cool. Azaleas, camellias, mums...those are the only ones I can name.

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